Oriol Lapiedra

Behaviour & Evolution

Following we show a table with all publications, also you can found them at my Google Scholar Profile

To highlight some of my work:

1. Lapiedra, Schoener, Leal, Losos & Kolbe., 2018. Predator-driven natural selection on risktaking behavior in anole lizards. Science 360 (6392), 1017-1020

2. Lapiedra, O., Sayol, F., Garcia-Porta, J. and Sol, D., 2021. Niche shifts after island colonization spurred adaptive diversification and speciation in a cosmopolitan bird clade. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 288(1958), p.20211022.

3. Lapiedra, O., Chejanovski, Z. and Kolbe, J.J., 2017. Urbanization and biological invasion shape animal personalities. Global Change Biology, 23(2), pp.592-603.

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